Friday, 31 January 2014

Spoon carving

A spoon is a simple project, but very satisfying. Hardwoods are the preference, and willow, holly, plum, alder, apple, elm, ash, sycamore, hawthorn, cherry or birch will all work well.

  • Choose stock well, use the shape of the crook, bend, limb, for your desired design. It is much easier to work green, though it is good practice to allow to dry after main body of work is done, prior to final shaping. This allows for correction on any distortion the drying produces.
  • Split your blanks off with a froe.
  • Transfer your design to stock.
  • Rough out with hatchet, side axe or similar tool.

  • Leave bowl outside large, then gouge out bowl.

  • Shape outside bowl carefully, use fingers to feel thickness, rough shape handle.
  • Put aside to dry.
  • Final finish, trim lip of bowl, any other decorative touches.
  • Scrape, sand to finish add coat of oil.

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