Friday, 10 January 2014

Pine tree whorl whisks

Do you have an unwanted left over pine tree from Christmas?....if so, why not make a traditional whisk, or two for your kitchen!

  • Select your stock appropriately, usually from a 5/6ft tree you could get 2/3 good whisks from the top end, maybe more if you want to make a large butter whisk.
  • Cut your whorls. Don't cut the whisk fingers to finished length yet, leave oversize for steps later in the process.


  • They don't have to be perfectly symmetrical. Actually the asymmetry adds character.
  • Next clean off the bark with a knife, scraper, spokeshave; try not to damage the sapwood underneath. This is best done as soon as possible after cutting the tree down. Again, leaving lumps and bumps, adds character. Make sure you clean out everything in the head end.


  • Using string, tie back the fingers to the handle, allow for some spring back on release.

  • After leaving to dry out for a week or so, remove string, trim to final length, sand voila!

  • You could also drill hole in bottom of handle, and suspend to hang pots or other things from, or leave handle long and use as a back scratcher!....

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