Friday, 17 January 2014

Spice rack with dovetail housing

I decided to use a piece of cherry I was given last year to make a small spice rack. The piece still has some bark on, which I will leave to give it character.

  • First, plane square, then draw design taking into account the feature for aesthetics, and a knot I need to place carefully. I decided to use dovetail housing joints as they are in my opinion far superior to plane rebates. Also to test myself, as the shoulders are only 2mm!

  • Draw out full sized rod.
  • Cut components.

  • Cut the scrolled detail with fine kerf scroll saw.

  • Cut the rebate for the back panel. 

  • Cut the dovetails on the shelves.

  • Transfer to the sides, and cut the housing.

  • Dry run assembly, then sand all components, glue up, and fit.

  • Scribe in back panel, cut detail with fine kerf scroll saw, final sand, skew pin in back panel, and oil.

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