Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Jewelry box; design and outer shell...

This project is going to be a more complicated one, encompassing a few disciplines, fretwork, tiny dovetails, and chip carving. I hope it will make me more precise, and patient!...

  • Design to be drawn out full size.

  • Stock to be plane and squared up.
  • Transfer fret work design to stock, I just photo copied and glued it on.
  • Drill entry holes for saw blade, and cut. I used a hand saw. Be sure to clamp up to provide support to delicate sections, and work out which cuts to do 1st, in order to decrease chance of damage. I recommend delicate outer sections 1st.

  • Clean off paper with a scraper, then sand. Small file to finish shaping.
  • When all sections are finished, cut dovetails (for how to see my first post from last year), and glue up and assemble. Take care as pins are only 4mm at largest point!

To be continued...

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