Sunday, 12 January 2014

Double ended moulded beading/ rebate plane

In days gone by when a specific job needed a specific plane, a carpenter would make the tool for the job. I sometimes decide to do this for a project I am working on, just for fun!

  • Assess the job, and then make a rod (full size plan) of the plane. You can use your experience, and other planes that you own to determine angles of blade set. Or ask someone with more experience! Things to consider; size of iron, depth of cut required, grain/ size of stock to be worked, detail desired (you can grind your iron to a moulding profile)...etc.
  • Choose your stock, I used an nice piece of spalted maple off cut from another job.


  • The plane I will be making here is very simple, and made from components glued and screwed together. 
  • Cut your components to your rod, plane level and square. 
  • Start with the back plate.
  • Mark out your blade rebate using your iron and cut with gouge.

  • Cut your central spacers, accuracy is paramount to ensure iron will lie square and level.

  • Cut your wedge.

  • Cut your front plate, dry run assembly.
  • Glue and clamp up back plate to spacers. Front stop plate to be removable, to allow for adjustment for future jobs.

  • Assemble, and fine tune,....job done!

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